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Active Play Furniture

Rainbow Accents Colorful Trim Laminate Kitchen

This Kitchen Set features an oven with non-slamming friction hinges, a cupboard with shelves and storage area, a sink with a pull out "sprayer" and turnable faucets, and a full size refrigerator. Each item is sold separately as well. Available in six vibrant accent colors.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Rainbow Accents Kitchen Cupboard 0207JCWW $338.68 More Info
Rainbow Accents Kitchen Sink 0208JCWW $322.49 More Info
Rainbow Accents Kitchen Stove 0209JCWW $322.49 More Info
Rainbow Accents Kitchen Refridgerator 0210JCWW $343.34 More Info
Rainbow Accents 4 Piece Kitchen Set 2030JCWW $1,287.20 More Info

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